Spanish Minor

The Minor in Spanish is for students who wish to develop their general understanding of the Spanish-Speaking World, and/or who wish to concentrate in a particular area of Spanish language study. A graduate with a minor in Spanish has the advantage of combining the requisite functional linguistic skills with his/her major field of study in order to enhance job prospects. 12 credit hours must be taken at CAU.

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates with a Minor in Spanish will be able to:
1. Communicate in both oral and written Spanish with an intermediate medium proficiency.
2. Discuss diversity associated with the Spanish language.
3. Engage in conversations in Spanish to exchange opinions on a variety of topics.
4. Read Spanish language literary works, such as poems and short stories.
5. Use idiomatic expressions to express their opinions and ideas in conversational settings.

Required Courses:

CFLS 101, Elementary Spanish I (3)
CFLS 102 Elementary Spanish II (3) (Prerequisite CFLS 101)
CFLS 201 Intermediate Spanish I (3) (Prerequisite CFLS 102)
CFLS 202 Intermediate Spanish II (3) (Prerequisite CFLS 201) or equivalent by placement exam.

All students who are required to take language classes must take the placement exam. Based on the results of that test, the student will be positioned in any of the aforementioned classes or in an upper-division class and start from that point. The 100-level classes are prerequisites for admittance to 200-level courses. The minor in Spanish consists of 18 credit hours after taking and passing CFLS 202. The student must show proficiency (through the placement exam) or take the prerequisites for 100-level classes. The 3 or 6 100-level credits may count as electives toward graduation. A student can receive up to 6 retroactive credit hours for placing above 202, after having taken and passed the first Spanish 300-level class.

Students must also complete any four (4) courses of 300-level or above from the following: 

Category I: Language
CFLS 303 Spanish Pronunciation and Phonetics (3)
CFLS 304 Spanish Conversation (3)
CFLS 351 Composition and Translation I (3)
CFLS 391 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition I (3)

Category II: Literature
CFLS 325 Survey of Peninsular Literature I (3)
CFLS 327 Survey of Latin American Literature I (3)
CFLS 447 Afro-Hispanic Literature I (3)
CFLS 461 Explicación de Textos (3)

Category III: Culture & History
CFLS 307 Business Spanish (3)
CFLS 415 Survey of Peninsular Civilization (3)
CFLS 416 Survey of Latin American Civilization (3)