Spanish Major

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Spanish Program prepares students to be bilingual and fluent in written and conversational Spanish and trains students for careers in foreign services, business, consulting, publishing, law enforcement, legal and medical fields, teaching Spanish content area in grades K-12, with Study Abroad experience and further training, students could get involved in fields such as interpreting and translating for multinational organizations, various local, state, and federal agencies.

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Spanish Program will be able to:
1. Communicate in both oral and written Spanish with an advanced medium fluency.
2. Discuss the diverse cultures associated with Spanish language.
3. Acquire the linguistic skills and disposition in Spanish necessary to engage in conversations in Spanish to provide and obtain information, express feelings, and emotions, and exchange opinions on a variety of topics.
4. Read and analyze Spanish-language literary works, such as poems, short stories.
5. Identify, analyze and discuss the issues and events that affect the Spanish speaking community.
6. Identify, analyze and discuss the contributions of the Spanish-speaking world in the domains of literature, the arts, and science.

Degree Requirements

The student pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Spanish must take the following:
1. 2 credit hours of CGED 100 and 101 First Year Seminars 
2. 36 credit hours of General Education Courses: 
     a. Humanities/Fine Arts: 9 Credits
           CHIS 201 (3) or higher course
           CART 150 (3) and
           CPHI 105 (3)     
     b. Social/Behavioral Sciences: 6 Credits
           CSJC 105 (3) or CPSC 106 (3) and
           CPSY 211 (3)
     c. Natural Science/Mathematics/Statistics: 6               Credits
           CMAT 103 (3), or higher course and
           CBIO 101 (3) or CPHY 102/102L (3)
     d. Communication: 9 Credits
           CENG 105 (3)
           CENG 106 (3) and
           CSTA 101 (3)
     e. Financial/Technological: 6 Credits
           CECO 107 (3) and
           CCIS 101 (3)

 3. 12 credit hours of language prerequisites (CFLS 101, 102, 201, and 202 or equivalent by placement exam) Students can use the credits of the skipped classes toward a minor, electives, or stackable credentials.
4. 33 credit hours of upper-level courses in Spanish (18 credit hours must be taken at CAU)
5. 21 credit hours toward a Minor
6. 18 credit hours of free electives